A small idea
becomes reality

Eating well, savoring seasonal products, indulging yourself with a healthy and sustainable diet is now possible. The desire to return to a natural, thirst-quenching drink without additives, such was the challenge of the Infuséo team. It was around a summer cocktail with friends based on fresh water and lemon slices that the Infuséo concept was born.

The cultivation of our reflections led to the harvest of our ideas. It took months of research and development for the Infuséo team to mix exceptional products to create a drink with unique flavors. Our infused waters are available in several recipes, all as fresh as the products they contain. Don’t panic, there will be something for everyone and at all times.


After 3 years of effervescence between questions, studies and solutions, the team decided to expand in order to introduce as many people as possible to an innovative, refreshing, natural drink made from fresh fruits and vegetables.


Today, thanks to the support of our partners and to all those who believed in the project, Infuséo is now widely distributed and stands out for the quality of its products without additives or preservatives

The fruit
of our work ...

Taking care of yourself seems to be obvious! It is for this reason that Infuséo wishes to speak to lovers of new flavors by highlighting naturally infused waters. This new detox water is consumed throughout the year and fights against dehydration. By combining the benefits of our 100% organic and fresh fruits and vegetables with the best drink in the world: water, you will be replenished with vitamins and fiber. Infuseo is committed to providing you with a minimum of calories for maximum pleasure!

 Why choose Infuseo?


  • Recipes with different benefits
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • A supply of vitamins
  • Optimal hydration


Find your favorite flavors in the heart of a bottle!