Why are the drinks we find on the market always sodas, fruit juices or flavored waters full of artificial flavors and sugar?

The Infuséo French founder, Marceau asked himself the question one summer evening between two sips of lemonade after returning from snorkeling in the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer in southern France. A seasoned  and passionate deep sea diver, the founder of Infuséo reflected on the problems of dehydration encountered by deep sea diving.  This phenomenon is linked to the hydrostatic pressure on the body while diving. He found THE solution: to combine the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables with the most beneficial drink for our body: water.


It was then that Marceau and his team decided to take their products 20,000 leagues under the sea using the innovative principle of HIGH PRESSURE.

Why high
pressure ?

If at home you fill a carafe with water, add a slice of cucumber, lemon and ginger to it, you get an infused drink with a slightly fragrant water taste that will keep only a few days in the refrigerator.

So how do you obtain this aromatic power characteristic of Infuséo drinks without cheating?

Our secret:  transport our fresh ingredients.

To better understand, just imagine an Infuséo bottle and its passengers: fresh fruit and vegetables, taking a dive 60 kilometers underwater. It puts your ideas back in place!

After receiving a pressure of 6000 bars for a short time, the products come back free of all bad microorganisms. Another surprise: they have gained in storage time AND in taste!